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Finance Essay Examples

Writing Finance essays is not an appealing prospect to some students because they know it requires a great deal of effort and time to make. Finance essay examples are a highly valuable tool in this task.

At Essay Writer, the sample essays you receive are written by academics and financial analysts with significant practical experience in the field. As such, they offer a comprehensive analysis and unique perspective into the topic that can only come from a professional who is already familiar with the system and methods being used in the field of Finance.

Use the tips below along with our Finance essay examples to maximise your chances of getting high marks for your essays:

  1. Planning. The most effective way of writing a Finance essay is to ensure you have a solid understanding of financial theory and practice. The field of Finance can be split into three minor categories: corporate, public and personal finance. Each of these subcategories has many aspects to be studied, as each has many approaches and solutions being utilised by experts on finance all over the world. You can gain this understanding of theory and practice from reading specialised literature and case studies.
  2. Research. Gather the core textbooks, readings lists, lecture notes and financial magazines and newspapers that have information on your topic. There may also be information online, but you should use these cautiously and make sure they are from reputable academic sources. While it is a good thing that you have a lot of sources to choose from, this also means you will need more time to go through all of it to filter only the relevant ones so make sure you manage your time wisely. Read through all materials you have gathered carefully. Note down or highlight any passages or formulas that are relevant to the discussion.
  3. Outline. From the information you have gathered, create an outline that will serve as your roadmap on how you will address the requirements of the question. The outline will present this information in a systematic and logical way that will guide the reader through your discussion. Its three main parts will be the introduction, body and conclusion. Use these as headings and place key words and phrases that will initiate the discussion during the writing stage under these.
  4. Writing. Once you already have the data you will use and an outline on how to arrange your ideas, you should already begin writing the actual analysis and discussion. In the introduction you will provide background information on the topic and the theories and perspectives of other scholars and experts concerning it. It should also contain the thesis statement, which is the central idea of the essay. In the body you will expand the main areas of discussion. Use credible data, quotes and formulas to support your assertions. Use a writing style that is clear and direct and free of elaborate language. Use detailed graphs, charts and equations to illustrate your points, and use case studies to show how theories work in specific cases. You may present the theories you will use to answer the question in a chronological order or in the order of relevance. In the conclusion you will once again mention the main points of discussion, show how they relate to one another and how all of them, taken together answers the essay question. Do not introduce new material here. You can also suggest in this part how your research can inspire further study on the topic.
  5. Reference list. This contains all books, journals, web sites, newspapers and magazines where you gathered data from and whose theories you have used and consulted to support your discussion. List this following to the referencing style your tutor or department uses. This is a very important step in Finance essay writing to ensure you do not unwittingly commit plagiarism.

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