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French Essay Examples

French essays are an important requirement for students taking French courses, whether at A-levels or university. Learning the French language is in itself a difficult process. Writing a French essay adds to the complexity of the task, especially if the student is not proficient in the language.

Essay Writer has been providing custom essay examples to thousands of students all over the UK since 2001. Our writers are experts in the language and have knowledge of academic writing conventions at every level of study. With these resources, we are sharing the following tips on how to use French essay examples in writing your own.

In order to produce an essay of good quality, it is not enough to think your answers in English and translate them to French as some elements may get lost in the process of translation. Instead have a solid command of French as much as possible.

Widen your vocabulary by learning new words, phrases or expressions regularly. Use the new words you have learnt in conversation so you retain them in your memory and also get to know how it is used in the context of conversation. Move on to learn phrases, clauses and sentences that you can use in an essay. You can use these later as you develop your own writing style in French.


Below are the stages of essay writing:

  1. Think about the question. Look for key words that will tell you what information to search for or put in the essay. Ask for clarification from the tutor if necessary.
  2. Gather resources. Determine which sources you will get your information from-core textbooks, readings, lecture notes, published articles, interviews, the Internet. Make sure you use credible and reliable sources that can easily be verified by a reviewer. Avoid plagiarism by giving due credit to your sources in your list of references.
  3. Generate ideas. Create a plan on how you will address the question. Jot down your thoughts and write key ideas or sentences first. Think of arguments that will support your thesis statement. Back up these arguments with data or information.
  4. Create an outline. Organise the ideas and arguments you have in a logical and systematic way that will address the question.
  5. Draft. Begin writing the essay's introduction, body and conclusion. Use headings and subheadings whenever necessary so the reviewer will find it easier to determine where your thoughts lead. Make use of transition words or phrases when going from one idea to the next.
  6. Proofread. Check the technical aspects of the essay such as whether it adheres to the word count limit, is written using the correct format. Review the essay's spelling and grammar if it follows the correct pattern and structure in French.
  7. Edit. Check the draft if the question has been completely answered. Verify if all arguments and points of discussion are adequately covered and supported with credible information.


Depending on your level of study and what part of the course you are covering, you may encounter several types of essay requirements. In the AS level, you may be asked to write a letter, report or article. As you move on to A2, there are three types of assignments you should be ready for:

  • Creative writing. In this task you will show your creative side by writing about a photograph, newspaper or magazine article.
  • Discursive writing. Your logic and reasoning are evaluated by discussing or reacting to current affairs, European economic and political issues, or social problems.
  • Task based. Your creativity and project management skills are tested by completing a task such as a letter, speech, advert or report.


French essay examples written by academics and experts in the language will go a long way towards helping you get a good start in writing your essay or point you in the right direction with model answers. The free references included in each order of a custom French essay can also expand your research and offer you additional references. Contact us today via telephone, email or live chat to order your very own essay example.

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