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Essay Writing Help

Students in university are often tasked to write essays on various topics and with varying degrees of difficulty. Some of these essays are written as part of an examination while others are written to fulfil coursework requirements. Whatever the case may be, it is common knowledge that students need to complete several essays in the course of a single term in order to pass a specific subject.

There are students who find it simply difficult to write an essay and there are those who often require help with essay writing tasks. The help may come in the form of a research guide, a detailed reference list, a sample essay of an analogous topic, or even a critical eye to provide feedback for improving the initial essay draft.

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Most students who need help writing an essay often find the task overwhelming. Some may think that writing an essay requires some special skill or talent to get high marks. Content-wise, essay writing is a straightforward task. However it is by no means easy.

Writing an essay is fairly simple: one needs to have the following skills to be able to complete an essay:

  • Research Skills
  • Analytical Skills
  • Writing Skills


All students have these requisite skills instilled in them through several years of school. Any individual who needs to write an essay only has to pull these skills together in order to come up with a well-crafted essay. It all sounds fairly uncomplicated, but thinking up, doing the research and writing an essay requires time and effort and this is probably where the difficulty comes into play.

Not all students have enough time to do the research, go through the information and analyse it, come up with a thesis for the essay, compose the arguments, write the essay, review it and edit it into a piece that can earn any student the best possible marks. Some students simply do not have the time nor access to the resources needed to finish a well-written essay.

These difficulties make the presence of online essay writing help beneficial to students. Essay Writer offers an essay writing help to individuals who may require it. Our essay help service provides students easy access to help with essay writing as well as access to custom essays and college essay writing help.

If you find yourself having a difficult time completing your essay writing tasks, then you have come to the right place. We at Essay Writer provide essay writing help through our custom essays and our extensive collection of free sample essays.

Our service comes with many advantages:

  • You can use our essays as guides or references in completing your essay writing tasks;
  • You can get the feedback required to improve your own essays through our editing, proofreading, critiquing and marking services; and
  • You can get specific process help in writing your essay - determining a topic, forming a thesis, or writing a resounding conclusion.


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