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Persuasive Essay Help

Do you need help writing a persuasive essay? Do you want access to tips or guides which can give persuasive essay writing help? If you do, then you have luckily stumbled upon the basics of persuasive essay writing.

What is a persuasive essay? A persuasive essay, also known as an argument essay, is a written piece which utilises reason and logic to present an idea as being more legitimate than another. The essay is written for the sole purpose of persuading or convincing its readers to adopt or accept the point(s) of view presented or to take a particular action regarding the topic.

The arguments presented in a persuasive essay should always be valid, reasonable and supported by evidentiary facts. A persuasive essay uses facts, reasons, statistics, examples and even quotes from specialists or experts in order to persuade or convince the intended audience.

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To write a persuasive essay, one should follow the succeeding steps:

  • Determining the position one intends to take on the topic being discussed
  • Analysing the audience; finding out if the audience agrees or disagrees with the position taken
  • Researching on the topic; taking notes of convincing evidences to support one's arguments
  • Structuring the persuasive essay; determining the facts that will be used as evidence as well as the order in which the facts are to be presented


Students, in the course of pursuing a degree, may be tasked to write several persuasive or argumentative essays to fulfil certain coursework requirements. Any student who needs write a persuasive essay needs to:

  • Have thorough knowledge of the topic
  • Test the thesis of the essay
  • Disprove the opposing arguments
  • Provide enough data to support his own stand of the argument


Not all students, however, are capable of producing well-crafted persuasive essays. Writing a persuasive essay, just like all other types of essays, requires excellent research, analytical and writing skills. Students who lack in any of these aspects may need help writing a persuasive essay. Fortunately, persuasive essay help is readily available through companies providing essay writing services.

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