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Planning Your Essay

Why plan instead of just jotting down whatever comes to mind? Planning your essay helps you gather all ideas you have for answering the question or positioning your argument so that all aspects of the topic are explored and covered. It will also help you organize your ideas through an essay structure so that the reader can easily see through the flow of your logic.

Writing your essay using an essay plan will make the writing process easier for you. In more than a decade of writing essays, dissertations, coursework and other types of academic writing requirements for thousands of students all over the UK, Essay Writer has developed an essay planning method which we are sharing with you through the following essay help guide:

  • Determine the scope of the essay. In the essay introduction, you will need to let the reader know what you aim to accomplish in the essay and briefly touch on the main points of discussion. Are you expected to cover a wide topic or a specific area? Present only the information that is relevant to the extent of the discussion.
  • Research thoroughly. Use relevant and up-to-date data to present ideas and arguments in a way that readers will find interesting, engaging and informative. In the main body of the essay, facts and information will support your arguments and make your position on the issue credible. Credit your sources properly following your university or course's prescribed referencing style.
  • Define what is going to be written and how. Use appropriate language and writing style to fit the aim of the essay-whether it seeks to explain, examine the different sides of an issue, convince others to adopt your point of view.
  • Create a conclusion. This will tie all the arguments and statements together to place the entire essay into a broader context for the reader.

If you feel the need for professional guidance in planning your essay, just contact us or fill in an order form and we will assign a specialist to assist you with your essay writing needs straight away.

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