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Choosing a Good Essay Topic

A lot of students will agree that one of the most difficult steps in writing an essay is the selection of an engaging essay topic. Whilst there is no problem for essay writing tasks that have a pre-assigned topic, those tasks that require students to come up with their own list of essay topics and to further select the best possible essay topic from these can be quite onerous.

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For essay writing tasks that do not have an assigned essay topic, students will have to initially come up with several good essay topics. The student can then choose one from amongst these. It helps to focus on the interesting essay topics as writing about an appealing subject may help a student in the essay writing process.

To come up with a short list of good essay topics, the student needs to consider the following:

  • The purpose of the essay. Students should go through the essay writing assignment thoroughly and determine the purpose of the essay that needs to be written. The essay may be used to provide an explanation on a certain topic, to persuade the readers of a certain point of view, or compare and contrast a few ideas. The student should first determine the purpose of the essay and ensure that the essay topic fits squarely with the stated purpose.
  • The scope of the essay writing task. The student should only choose an essay topic that falls within the scope of the subject he or she is writing it for.
  • Subjects of interest. As stated earlier, it helps to write about something that holds one's interest. Students should try looking for essay topics that they find appealing or attractive.


From here, the student can then assess each potential essay topic:

  • Is the essay topic popular?
  • Will the student be able to provide a unique take on the topic?
  • Are there numerous available sources of information on that particular essay topic?
  • Will the topic hold the student's interest long enough for the student to conduct research, analyse the collected information and write the essay?
  • Will the essay topic interest the possible readers?


These are only some considerations in picking out an essay topic. Once done with evaluating the potential essay topics, the student can then choose the best possible essay topic from the list that was generated.

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