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Enhance Your Essay Writing Skills

Writing an essay is one of the most common academic requirements for students from GCSE all the way to PhD level. It is an assessment tool used by tutors and professors to determine whether a student has gained sufficient knowledge about the subject and is able to apply what you have learned to practical situations. A student's proficiency in essay writing is one of the factors that will determine your marks for the course.

The key to achieving success when a student writes essays is to develop your essay writing skills. It is not enough to just know how to write an essay that contains basic elements. The student also has to ensure the writing process follows academic writing best practices. Below is your guide to essay writing:


  • Have a clear idea of what is an essay and what purpose it serves in your course. Are you expected to share your beliefs on a topic, convince others to adapt your point of view, familiarise or educate the reader about a topic, or explain how to accomplish a task? Knowing your approach will show the marker that you have put effort in understanding the question.
  • Determine the direction of the essay through planning and structure. Create an outline to show how ideas are connected to one another. When making an argument, make sure you have enough support to establish your position on the topic.
  • Be meticulous and thorough in reading and researching. Doing so will ensure that only the most relevant and up-to-date information is included in the essay.
  • Make sure all quotes and references are credited appropriately. Follow the correct referencing style as instructed by your professor or school, as learning institutions are very strict when it comes to plagiarism.
  • Ensure that your essay is error-free through drafting and editing. You are not expected to write an essay and submit it right after the first draft, so make sure you leave enough time after writing to go over your work and make the necessary revisions prior to submission.

 Should you encounter difficulty at any time, it is easy to ask for essay writing help from a trusted essay writing service provider such as Essay Writer. Our professional writers and researchers will enhance your essay writing skills by producing bespoke essays to suit your specific instructions and requirements.

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