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Essay Writing Process

Writing an essay is a regular task students face whilst in university. It is a fairly straightforward process requiring research, analysis and writing skills. Writing an essay may seem like a daunting task, especially for students who have always found it difficult to write any academic composition such as a term paper, a thesis, an essay, or perhaps a report.

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A step by step guide can be of great help to students who find it challenging to write a basic academic essay. This simple guide to writing an essay details the simplest of steps on how to go about the process of writing an essay:

  • Select a topic. When writing an essay for academic purposes, a topic will usually be assigned by the professor or instructor who assigned the essay writing task; however, if no topic has been assigned a student first needs to decide on the topic he or she wishes to write about. In most cases, something within the scope of the assignment that interests the student will do well as an essay topic.
  • Outline the essay. Outlining the essay is a great way to organise one's thoughts and ideas. Outlining helps the student to bring together all the information gathered and the thorough analysis of this information will allow the student researcher concerned to come up with a way to present the information in a logical and cohesive manner.
  • Prepare the thesis statement. The essay revolves around a single point - the thesis. Students need to determine the thesis statement prior to writing the rest of the essay. This statement will serve as the focal point of the entire piece.
  • Write the essay:- Introduction
    . The introduction generally presents the thesis to the readers or audience.
    - Body
    . When writing an essay, it helps to compose the body in a way that each paragraph discusses a single point only.
    - Conclusion
    . The conclusion wraps up all the points or arguments presented in the essay.
  • Polish the essay. Review, proofread, and edit - these are three very important things a student needs to do when writing an essay.


Individuals who find it challenging to write an essay can easily get help writing an essay - one can easily find a guide to writing an essay on several web portal databases as well as custom writing resource sites online. These highly informative guides detail the steps to writing an essay. For more details about writing an essay, students may also refer to online essay help service providers. Some online essay writing services also offer essay writing help through free essay samples or custom written essays.

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