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Essay Writing Techniques

Writing an essay or any other academic composition may sometimes seem like a very daunting task. A combination of certain abilities - research skills, analytical skills and essay writing skills - is required; discipline, perseverance and organisation are needed as well. There are students who enjoy these kinds of tasks; however, there are also students who find an essay writing task very difficult. For individuals who struggle with writing an essay, there are some essay writing techniques that may be employed to make the task of writing academic essays easier to undertake.

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Here are some essay writing tips which one may use in writing a good essay:

  • Break the process down. Looking at the entire essay writing task may intimidate some students. Breaking the task down into smaller, simpler steps may help. Writing an essay is a process - it involves brainstorming, researching, analysing ideas, organising ideas and writing systematically, among others. Take on the process one step at a time - this will surely make the entire task easier to finish.
  • List down any ideas that may be useful for the essay. One never knows when inspiration may strike - it helps to keep note of any ideas that may crop up such as any keywords, phrases, or even questions that are of relevance to the essay topic.
  • Build the structure of the essay. This is done best using an outline - an outline allows the writer to organise the entire essay including the introduction, the points or arguments that are to be included in the body, the thesis statement and even how the ideas develop or flow through the entire piece.
  • Work on each section separately. As stated earlier, it helps to break down the task into smaller, manageable chunks. The entire essay is composed of the introduction, the body and the conclusion - it helps to work on these items one at a time.
  • Use transitional phrases. This ensures a flow through the entire essay. The essay should not be made a simple stock of all the information gathered - the data collected through research should be presented in such a way that there is a logical flow of ideas starting from the introduction down to the concluding paragraph of the essay.
  • Do not be afraid to edit the essay. Remove sentences or paragraphs that seem useless. Remember, editing is one of the most important things one can do when making a composition - do this with a fresh eye or have someone help with the editing aspect.


These are only some essay writing tips that one can employ to enhance or improve his or her essay writing skills. Students also have the option of getting essay help from online sources - there are several websites that offer essay writing techniques that are easy to follow.

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