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How to Write an Economics Essay

Writing an economics essay is one of the many tasks any student pursuing a degree in the field will be required to do. An economics essay is a formal discourse of an issue or topic within the scope of economics. There is no specific standard on how to write an economics essay. Compared with almost all essay writing tasks, the process differs from one individual to the next. However, there are certain guidelines on how to write an economics essay.

The first thing that a student needs to do when writing an economics essay is to understand the essay question. Students should have a thorough understanding of the fundamental point of the essay question. To do this, students need a careful analysis of the question and, when appropriate, rephrase the question into a statement that is easier to understand.

Once the student has a full grasp of the essay question, he or she can proceed to writing the economics essay. As stated, there is no particular step by step process on how to write an economics essay.

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There are, however, several guidelines that students may use when writing an economics essay. These guidelines and tips are:

  • Determine the type of essay to be written. Is it an argumentative essay? A descriptive or informative essay? Finding out the exact type of essay will give the student a clear path on how to approach the essay writing task.
  • Decide on a topic. If one was not assigned, then students need to select a topic that is within the scope of economics. The topic must be interesting enough both to the student and to the readers as well. The topic should also be timely or current.
  • Come up with a thesis statement. This is of crucial significance to focus your research according to what is required from the thesis statement.
  • Conduct research using up to date resources. Analyse all the information and its relevance to outline the essay.
  • Structure the essay using the format that is easiest to utilise - the five-part essay structure. This includes the introduction, the background, the arguments, any thesis-denying statements and the conclusion. Use proper grammar as well.
  • Use appropriate and relevant economic terms. Avoid using jargons as much as possible. Simplify or define highly technical economics terms and phrases.
  • Always cite references accurately. This is done to give due distinction to the various sources of information and to avoid plagiarism.


These are only a few hints on how to write an economics essay. These tips may also be applicable to other essay types. If you need more help in writing your economics essay, you have the option of getting assistance from a custom essay writing service provider.

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