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How to Write an Essay Introduction

Knowing how to write an essay introduction plays a very important role - it draws readers in and at the same time, states the purpose of the essay. Writing the introduction of the essay can be very challenging, however, and this is why several students want to know exactly how to write an essay introduction. As a student required to do the essay, writing a good introduction is important as it encourages the intended audience to set aside some time and continue reading your written piece. Read on to find out more on how to write an essay introduction.

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Before going into the specifics on how to write an essay introduction, you must first establish what makes a good introduction. A good introductory paragraph is characterised by:

  • Being able to draw in the readers
  • Being able to present the main point or thesis of the essay without divulging too much and yet still keeping the audience interested
  • Being able to grab the readers' attention while being well-written and still grammatically and structurally sound


Here are a few pointers or tips on how to write an essay introduction:

  • Prepare an essay plan or outline. (To find out How to write an essay plan, simply see this page). This outline will help in determining what information is to be included in the essay.
  • Gather all the material that is to be included in the essay. Refer to the plan or outline that was created.
  • Ask a question, start with a quotation, or make a controversial statement to begin the paragraph. Doing any of these will give your essay a greater appeal for a more thorough reading.
  • Keep the introductory paragraph short. Remember, you are giving the readers a glimpse of the entire essay - stay away from explanations or any detailed information.
  • Use proper language and grammar. Do not use slang unless absolutely necessary or is relevant to the topic of the essay.
  • Finish the paragraph with a sentence that allows you to transition into the body of the essay. This sentence should also leave your readers in a state of anticipation and will impress them to want to read the rest of the essay.


These are some of the most basic tips you can apply when writing an essay introduction. To learn more on how to write an essay, you may want to visit the following sections:


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