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How to Write an Essay Plan

If you are wondering how to write an essay plan, you can find an answer here. There are times when professors require their students to write an essay plan prior to the submission of the main essay itself, in order to gauge their preliminary comprehension of the assigned topic by showing what points they intend to prove or discuss, and what methodology or approach will they use to write it. An essay plan is an anticipatory commitment to do the essay in a particular manner.

All students need to know how to write an essay plan in order to make any essay writing task easier to take on. Preparing an essay plan prior to sitting down and working on an essay is one of the best things any student faced with such a task can do.

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Having an essay plan allows students to map out how to approach the essay writing task; it includes:

  • the approach to answering the essay question
  • the possible answers to the essay question
  • the sources for information


Many students approach an essay writing task in the following manner:

  • understanding the question;
  • doing the research; and
  • writing the essay.


This approach is not necessarily incorrect; however, students can always do better. They can plan out the essay - a step that makes all else involved in the process easier to undertake.

The planning stage should be done after getting a good understanding of the question. Students need to determine how to tackle the essay before performing the research. This approach helps in such a way that students will already get a preliminary idea as to what will be included in the essay and what form the essay will take. Knowing such information helps narrow down research sources and allows students to save time and effort in conducting the research.

Here are the guidelines on how to write an essay plan:

  • Analyse. Have a thorough understanding of the essay question. This helps you determine what type of essay you need to write. Go through the instructions carefully and note down exactly what your professor wants you to do. Does the professor want you to discuss a certain topic or compare and contrast ideas?
  • Strategise. Planning an approach to the essay writing task is important. Do you want to simply sit down and write to see what ideas develop or do you want to brainstorm first, filter through the ideas and then start with the draught? How you approach the task depends on your preference and what works best for you.
  • Brainstorm for ideas. You now have a fairly good idea as to the possible answer to the essay question. Now, you will need to come up with arguments or points you want to include in your essay. Jot down any ideas that you can come up with however seemingly insignificant they may appear to be on first consideration. You will have the chance to go through all your ideas much later on to filter out what is relevant to your essay.
  • Plan. Get your ideas down on paper. Go through them as much as you can; outlining helps a lot. You can write down all the important arguments that need to be included and you can move and shuffle them around until you find an ideal structure that best presents the information


Once you have your plan in order, you can then move on to doing the research for your topic. Having an idea as to how you intend to answer the essay question lets you narrow down on your research materials. You can be very specific on the information you need, thereby saving time and effort. From here, you simply need to follow the outline and write the essay.

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