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How to Write Compare and Contrast Essay

Having a guide on how to write a compare and contrast essay can be fairly handy, especially when it comes to completing coursework assignments. A compare and contrast essay is written to examine the similarities and differences between two contending items or points. The essay definition may seem fairly straightforward, however, writing a compare and contrast essay involves making a thorough analysis as well as giving due importance to the identified similarities and differences. To hone their academic essay writing skills, many students want to find out exactly how to write a compare and contrast essay.

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When writing a compare and contrast essay, there are a few basic things that one needs to pay attention to:

  • Know the essential function of the essay. A compare and contrast essay looks at the comparisons and contrasts, giving meaning to the results of the examination and connecting these results to a larger issue
  • Make a quality of comparison. A compare and contrast essay should discuss why the comparison is worthy of being examined. One can always point out the similarities and differences between two items, however, what makes a good compare and contrast essay is how well the writer presents the comparison as well as the importance of the comparison itself.
  • Choose the proper presentation pattern. A compare and contrast essay may be presented in two ways: the alternating pattern or the tandem pattern. The alternating pattern discusses both items back and forth whereas the tandem discusses the first item wholly prior to discussing the second item. There are no standardised rules in selecting the pattern to be used in writing a compare and contrast essay - it all depends on the preference of the writer. The length of the piece is a factor as well; the alternating pattern is more suited to lengthier essays.
  • Always provide supporting text or evidentiary data. Students should conduct a thorough investigation of the two items that are being examined. Any source used in the essay should be cited accurately using the specified citation style - students should be keen on how to write precise references in an essay.
  • Include important interpretations. Aside from presenting information gathered through research, the author of the compare and contrast essay should also include some of his points within the text, preferably significant interpretations of all the comparisons and contrasts.
  • Revise and review the draught. Compare and contrast essays may become confusing if it is not properly planned or thought out. Students need to know how to write an essay plan or simply outline an essay.


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These are just some of the basic tips you may put to good use in the process of writing a university essay. To learn more on how to write other types of academic essays, you may want to visit the following sections:


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