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How to Write Critical Essays

Writing a critical essay is one of the many tasks students are tasked with while in university. Critical essays are written to evaluate or analyse certain materials in a logical and objective manner. For students facing this task, knowing how to write a critical essay means the difference between a well-crafted and a poorly-written essay. Knowing the importance of producing well-written essays, many students would like to know the exact steps involved on how to write a critical essay.

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Before discussing the process on how to write a critical essay, there are a few important points that students need to be aware of:

  • A critical essay includes the author's view of the material that is to be analysed. This should include a statement of the main idea or the thesis, a presentation of the important facts or arguments to support the thesis, any implied or explicitly stated values, and the conclusion or suggestions for action, if there are any.
  • A critical essay includes an assessment of the facts presented in terms of its relevance and accuracy. It does not aim to find fault in the material, but instead provide an evaluation of the material through evidence, whether it be positive or negative.


These are some basic guidelines on how to write a critical essay:

  • Choose a topic and gather what resources are required to research on the topic. Topics may or may not be assigned; for situations wherein no topic is specified, students will have to select a topic based on: the student's interest in the topic, the availability of resources, and the time required to do research on the topic, among others.
  • Perform thorough research, taking careful note of any information that may prove to be useful or relevant to the essay. Students should also take note of the sources of the said information. Find out how to write references in an essay to ensure that all sources are cited accurately.
  • Create an outline for the essay. Outlining allows students to put together all the important points that need to be included in the essay, determine how to present the points in a logical and cohesive manner, and also have a roadmap or a guide when writing the essay.


When writing a critical essay, always remember that the essay is written to provide an objective analysis of the material. The analysis may yield a wide variety of results - the essay is written simply to present these results with evidence and supporting data.

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