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How to Write an Essay Conclusion

For students writing an essay, it is very important to find out how to write an essay conclusion. The essay conclusion is one of the important parts of the written piece - it summarises the entire discourse, leaves a lasting impression on the reader while also serving as your last opportunity as the author to convince or educate the intended audience.

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Here are a few guidelines or tips on how to write essay conclusion:

  • Synthesise or summarise the arguments presented in the essay. Go over the main points covered in the body of the piece; however, you should take note to avoid providing detailed summaries. This brief summary may be presented in just a few sentences.
  • Make an accurate and appropriate observation on the issue that was discussed in the essay. Ensure that it is relevant to the piece and is suitable to the tone of the essay as well.
  • Derive a conclusion using the main points of the essay. The conclusion must be relevant to the thesis of the essay as well as with all the arguments presented in the piece. The conclusion may be a suggestion for action or may simply be a comment about the issue discussed.
  • State the thesis of the essay; ensure that the thesis statement is not copied straight out of the essay's introductory paragraph. Doing this will help remind the readers as to the purpose of the essay.


Before applying any of these guidelines on how to write an essay conclusion, students first need to know exactly what makes a good conclusion. Essay conclusions can be fairly difficult to write; however - and ironically - it could just be the very first thing that readers will try to see because they want to get the gist of the entire essay quickly and immediately.

A good essay conclusion should provide the following:

  • Stress the significance of the thesis of the essay
  • Give the piece a sense of being complete
  • Leave a final, lasting impression on the audience


Here are a few things to avoid when writing an essay conclusion:

  • Avoid using the terms 'in conclusion', 'to conclude', or any similar form of phraseology in the concluding paragraph. You do not want to sound too obvious.
  • Avoid making too long of a paragraph. An effective conclusion is one that is straight to the point.


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