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How to Write Law Essays

Writing a law essay is one of the many challenges law students have to face while pursuing their degrees. Many students learn how to write law essays through the course of their academic life. However, some students still struggle with the task. For these students, learning how to write excellent law essays is very important - any essay submitted as part of coursework will affect a student's final marks. This means that any essay writing assignment must always be done well and on time.

There are no specifics on how to write law essays easily. As with all other essay writing tasks, it depends on the individual student's preference - some students write well under pressure, while others need to take a lot of time in writing an essay.

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Whatever the case may be, there are essential tips and guidelines on how to write law essays. Some of these tips are:

  • As with all essay writing assignments, it begins with having a good understanding of the essay question. Read the question carefully and determine what is asked.
  • For law students, it is recommended that you read your textbook on the subject. While there are many other resources available, your textbook is probably one of the best possible sources you have ready access to. You may also refer to the textbook references to get more sources on the topic.
  • Do your research using any additional sources aside from the textbook. Try reading the most updated text first. Moreover, check for the relevance to the topic on hand. Do not waste your time on resources that may end up being irrelevant.
  • Outline your essay. Law essays tend to involve a lot of information, and outlining the essay makes handling all of these information easier. Having an essay outline allows you to determine the pertinent information to include as well as how you intend to present the information. For this purpose, you may refer to relevant online information resources, including how to write an essay introduction as well as how to write an essay conclusion to optimise the essay outline.
  • Think of other subjects that are related to the topic; do not limit the essay to law. You can look into other areas such as politics and economics. It will also help if you try to research on how to write economics essays and how to write history essays to give you solid notions on how to proceed writing your essay.
  • Keep your essay short. Law essays, as stated, can become very lengthy due to the amount of information and data that may be included. Keep the essay as short as possible, but within the parameters of the essay writing task. Be concise and direct to the point. To this end, you may consult related literature on how to write critical essays and how to write compare and contrast essays in order to have a clear idea on how to shorten your essay without losing the focus of your discussion.
  • Edit and proofread. This is one of the most important steps in any writing task. Always edit your work. This ensures that you eliminate any unnecessary information, it also ensures that you avoid including any mistakes in grammar and spelling in your piece.
  • Always submit your essay on time. A timely presented essay almost always translates into high marks since it implies adequate preparation and confidence of the student concerned in completing the essay.


Following these tips and guidelines will help you on your way to producing a well-written law essay. For more help with essay writing tasks, Essay Writer offers extensive essay writing services which include custom essay writing, editing, marking, critiquing and proofreading, among others. We also offer free sample essays through our online essay database.

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