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Writing Good Essays

There is no specific method or magic formula on how to write a good essay - research essays and college essays included - because being able to produce well-written essays will ultimately depend on the individual writing the essay, and taking into consideration the degree of difficulty of the essay topics assigned and that particular individual's present academic circumstances. Being able to write a good essay in essence requires a fair amount of time and adequate access to relevant resource materials. The absence of any of these crucial factors would be detrimental to the completion of a good essay.

Writing a good essay requires a combination of discipline, time management, research skills, analytical skills and writing skills. Students in various educational institutions across the UK always aim to write a good essay whenever an essay writing task is assigned - this is because they are aware of the importance of completing a well-crafted academic piece.

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Time and resources make up only a small part of what makes a good essay. Students, in order to produce a well-written piece, should take note of the following items while writing their essays:

  • The essay should have a main point or thesis. This thesis serves as the focal point of the entire piece. All the arguments and points presented in the essay are included to support this particular point.
  • A good essay has a focus and a flow. All arguments presented should be well organised - all information should be presented in a logical and coherent manner.
  • All the points stated in the essay should have evidentiary support.
  • Always reference or cite any source of information included in the essay. This is important so as to avoid plagiarism.
  • A good essay is direct to the point. It avoids being frivolous and instead presents its arguments, its supporting data and conclusion in the most direct manner.


Aside from the listed criteria that make up a good essay, students aiming to write a good essay should also pay attention to the essay format. Any written piece should be presented well, using the format specified by the professor or instructor.

To improve on one's essay writing skills, students should also try and look for essay writing tips from various sources and providers of essay writing help and services and apply these informative tips to develop their own essay writing processes. Doing so will help promote or enhance one's ability to write a good essay.

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