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Farmyard Nurseries Case Study


Farmyard Nurseries is a specialist plants growing business that offers a selection of shrubs and plants to the local community.  It is however, better known for supplying four groups of plants aimed at specialist gardeners.

Online networking increases the knowledge base for suppliers and customers which in turn will raise the profile of the business over a period of time.  The rapid success of businesses online can be achieved with the right level of skills and enthused business acumen which have been successfully demonstrated by Richard Bramley.

Farmyard Nurseries priority is the continued development of online exposure and applications to elevate organisation and marketing of the web site.  The development of applications such as databases to organise future resources and business activities will create a better synergy within the business entire business process and consequently increase overall profitability.  These applications should not be taken on lightly however and thorough research should be undertaken first but from previous knowledge Richard Bramley is very much one step ahead of the game already in that respect.

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