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Forecasting and meeting new demand

a) Explain what information you would need to forecast demand and determine the amount, type and timing of resources that would be needed.

The building of a stadium and the desire of the local council to promote public transport creates immeasurable opportunities for Train Operating Companies in the area to develop a rail system to service the stadium. If such a system was implemented properly, it could prove greatly successful.

However, advertising is only one aspect to promotion. It must be backed up with efficient support systems within the rail service itself. These may include measures that:

  • improve reliability, service frequency, ticketing and information services, comfort and personal security;
  • make services and associated infrastructure fully accessible;
  • develop the present network of routes to create more capacity and improve the range of trip needs served.

In this way, the rail service will become an attractive, convenient, safe and accessible alternative to driving to the stadium.

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