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Fundraising and Marketing Charity Marketing Practice of Wetherspoon


Take a partnership with charities is one of most popular way to practice public relations. Today, there are numbers of businesses associating themselves with charity organizations to market their businesses. Affiliating with charities is a primary method for developing and improving strong network for businesses. It is important for companies to create and send out the right image of the firms as this will affect how people perceive and feel toward organizations (Burnett 2002, p. 13).

  • Differentiation Strategy: Porter (1985) (see Campbell et al 1999, p. 134-140) argued that commercials should position themselves by using string differentiation from rivals through cost leadership or focus. This is true for Wetherspoon and it should focus on low cost and high customer value leadership.
  • Total Quality Management: there are communities in the for-profit fundraising products (food & drink), Wetherspoon must ensure that the reliability, product and service quality, appearance of facilities and personnel performance is at the high level in order to build brand corporate image, differentiate itself from competitors and gain trust from customers (Manning et al 2006, p. 91-104).


The understanding of marketing is important for both organizations and staffs to create and develop their missions successfully. Charity marketing tells companies how to put customers at the core of the organizational activities and can help them to become more effective at identifying the needs of the customers. Wetherspoon pursues a different strategy by offering the most comprehensive range of product and services to customers (McLeish 1995, p. 42). Cheap quality food and drink is pursuing a lowest-cost strategy is pursuing a niche strategy in focusing on customers, who can enjoy daily food and drink promotions in any outlets in the UK. To make it more competitive, Wetherspoon needs to goes in details of each key to make them better, not just lowering the price, but also improve the quality of the service performance and product quality for customers (Brinckerhoff 2003, p. 12-13)

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