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Green Tourism: Consumer seeking green hotels eco labels. Write an academic paper analysing the role and range of consumer theory in understanding and explaining a recent trend in the service consumption process.


This paper looked at the role that consumer theory played in relation to hotels and eco labels. It took into account three main factors. These factors were related to globalisation, post-modernism and changes to psycho-social desire. They were analysed in terms of the theorists who put these notions forward and against a number of theorists related to changes in the business domain, including management. After the analysis, a conclusion was made that novel experience was a primary driving force of consumer desire. However, the conclusion also suggested that although hedonism and concerns related to global forms of production were prevalent and could be identified in consumer behaviour, managing the experiences of the individuals was not viable to the hotel and tourist industry. Rather, it was suggested that older models of behaviour and value be addressed by the producers by bunching certain types of experiential stimuli together in relation to consumer desire.   


In summary, it would appear from the analysis of contemporary consumer theory in relation to psychology, society, technology and culture that consumption of leisure and hospitality conforms to the same trends as most other produce in the western world. It has undergone a change in which brand has taken over from function and desire for green and renewable resources in the production of services and products has become part of the relationship between consumer and producer. However, although the brand is desirable and social status is an inherent part of the identity with the produced object, the object itself has to be consumed as a relationship and is experienced in terms of its pleasurable or unique experience. Essentially, the emphasis that hedonistic culture has placed on society and its consumption has combined with the green brand emanating from the emerging global reality. Although it would be good to suggest that the producers and managers were to take identity and relationship forming into account when devising their brand, it would be potentially dangerous to overlook the role that novel experience plays. Experience is clearly an important part of the decision making process in relation to consumption. However, there are problems in managing people's experiences due to the vast array of stimuli present in experiences and the difficulty in addressing holistic forms of consumer feedback. Perhaps the best way forward is therefore to construct models that can identify groups of stimuli to observe in relation to normative, rather than individual experience.

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