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Heat shields for spacecraft re-entry and turbochargers for engines


Selection of materials for high performance applications is a challenge that industries try to meet with extensive research. The challenge lies in understanding the forces, temperature and pressure that various components are subjected to. Any wrong selection can often result in part failure and other consequences. CES repository provides a very good archive for designers to specify their requirement and then search for the required material used to manufacture components and the manufacturing process. This paper has conducted research into the material specification and manufacturing process of spacecraft heat shields and for turbochargers.


Spacecrafts and automobile turbochargers are subjected to extreme working pressures and temperatures. The materials selected for these applications have to withstand these high cyclic conditions along with high stress, strain, rupture and fatigue loads. This paper examines the materials used for these applications.

2.4. Comparison of Results with Real Situation

After comparing the results with studies from Holset and APS Ltd., the components and manufacturing process of CES and real situations was found to be similar. This would suggest that CES is up to date with what is happening in the industry.


The paper has examined components such as heat shields for spacecrafts and turbochargers. Along with a brief discussion of what these components do, an understanding of the material requirement was developed. Based on the requirement, the CES was used to research the materials and the manufacturing process for the components.

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