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How is the photograph used as a public and private object? Illustrate your essay with specific examples.

Photographer Sally Mann, using images of her naked children.

Richard Billingham and the photographs of his family.

  1. "Reality is composed not of things but of Relationships.
  2. Every "object" has a presence and an absence.
  3. The total system is present in each of its parts.
  4. The parts are more real than the whole." - Donald D Palmer.

In many ways the family album is 'of the domestic', 'of the personal', 'of the inadequate', and 'of the incomplete.' We know our family album by what is in it. But we also know it in another way. What or who is not included. We recognise ourselves not only for who we are but also by who we are not. By absence it documents our losses. Our albums serve to fix our identities and reflect the human condition.

When the hippocampus in the brain is destroyed and memories are irretrievable it is like photographs without an album floating in the wind. Identities are lost.

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