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How Marketing Practices Are Changing: Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM)


The marketing and business environment have been changing. The competition in the in the marketing is more aggressive and competitive in all business sectors. The travel and tourism industry is facing aggressive competition. The airlines have to improve service, customer service, promotions, performance and reliability in order to retain  main customers and deliver high customer satisfaction (Zineldin 2006, p. 430-437). British Airways improves its service quality, staff performance and in-flight entertainment to retain potential customers and differentiate itself from low cost airlines. It also sends out the seasonal and sales promotions that relate or similar to the interest of each individual customer through electronic mails (Martinsons 2006, p. 337-340)




It can be concluded that the advances of the data collection and management allow the companies to record, track and respond to the needs and wants of each individual customers. The impact of this type of development in building customer relationship marketing on the market segmentation theories and concepts is potentially significant. In these days, the companies can deceptively target the individual needs of customers in the markets that they previously couldnot satisfy the requirement of that segment or group. The term of one-to-one marketing has been adopted to explain this type of development in the market.

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