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How to Write a 5 Paragraph Essay

Several types of essay structures subsist to provide guidance and convenience to students. But what stands to be popular among these structures is the 5 paragraph essay. For years, this schema has been used to compose and hand-out seamless academic pieces.

Despite its prevalence, writing a 5 paragraph essay does pose unique challenges to students. Some students, who are used to optimising a different outline, find the 5 paragraph schema restricting. In response to these issues, Essay Writer has come to proffer exciting services and expert-level support to students.

First, you are relieved with the difficulty of locating references. Essay Writer's roster of professional researchers can do the digging for free! Next, you can choose to work with your preferred writer, as well as, request for revisions until you're satisfied.

Expect to work with experienced writers - all of whom are bona fide graduates from UK's top institutions. These writers are adept at using and manoeuvring the dynamics of the classic essay format. Nevertheless, they are willing to prescribe their work's quality to the standards of this particular essay type:

  • An Introduction

    The aspirations for the first paragraph are always lofty. It has to be interesting to call attention. Generalisations are seldom tolerated, while it can't be too revealing of details. These demands serve to add pressure to the writing student.

    With Essay Writer's support, students need not put up with these dilemmas. Expert writers handle the introductory paragraph with caution, work with a clear plan (or approach) in mind, and ensure that a thesis statement is always in place.

  • Three-paragraph Body

    The body paragraph contains the heart of the essay. It contains the bulk of arguments, points, examples, and references. Since a 5 paragraph piece is an academic course requirement, these contents cannot be haphazardly infused in the essay.

    Order, is rather, restored upon this part of the essay through the establishment of an arrangement. If one were to compile arguments, the strongest point is likely to be located at the second paragraph (the first for the body paragraph); and the weakest point will have to go last.

    For examples or references, the same analogy may apply: the superior will be the first to be presented followed by the second-superior and the last inferior piece. Learning how to write a 5 paragraph essay requires proper judgement, particularly, in using (or tweaking) the arrangements of the body paragraph.

  • A Conclusion

    The last part of the essay needs to be as explosive as the introductory paragraph. It is, indeed, another pressure-point. Absconding from that image, the task of a student writing a conclusion is to wrap the main points and offer a restatement of the thesis statement.

Apart from these updated essay standards, Essay Writer employs quality control specialists. These folks are responsible for double- and triple-checking all essays. In short, no essay comes unchecked or pockmarked with errors.

Our writers would love to help write a 5 paragraph essay; our support representatives are ever-ready to be of assistance. Go pick up your phone or email us your essay requests. For a more personal touch, Essay Writer's live chat is available!

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