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How to Write a Comparative Essay

Students typically come across a large number of essay assignments during their higher education level. In this duration of research, analytic and written work, it's natural to easily distinguish types of essay.

Coming along this ability to distinguish is students' eventual essay preference. Interestingly, writing a comparative essay is probably, the most staple essay type students prefer.

This particular essay type is a favourite due to the fact that it's straightforward. Unlike other types, students wouldn't have to think about how to work it: the name itself is self-explanatory. Students knew that to write this essay meant to perform a crucial task, and that is to compare variables.

A breakdown of relevant details is provided below:

  • Variables of Comparison. To write the essay, students will have to focus and ply on the variables of comparison. This entails research to put forward facts or raw data. These collected data will be the subject of analysis.

  • Kinds of variables. Scrutinising these variables' characteristics is deemed easy if students where to consider the kind of variables they are working on. These usually consist of figures, theories, stand on an issue, and so forth.

    For instance, if the variables to be compared are theories, students must check on the ease by which it (i.e., the theory) is applied and the effectiveness of these (when placed under practical use). On the other hand, if they were to compare events, they must consider the people facilitating or causing it, as well as, check on the participators of each compared event.

  • Assumption. To avoid confusing the comparative essay from a 'compare and contrast' essay, students must recognise the weight that which leans on the act of comparing. Hence, the focus is not just for students to bring out expected results, like the similarities and differences; it's actually for students to immerse on the task and practise their aptitude to work on several variables.

  • Enlisting. The simplest way to prepare this essay is for students to enlist all of the identified similarities and differences. To save time, students must also check it with their tutor as the expected output might solely require similarities (or differences).

  • Schema. One major concern in working with several variables is organisation (or lack of it). Fortunately, there are already existing methods of establishing order in these compared variables; these methods or schemas are comprised of the by-point, by-variable, classic, and lens comparison.

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