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How to Write a Reflective Essay

To write a reflective essay is to invite your personal thoughts into the word processor. It entails a meticulous process of skimming through your own thought processes, finding cohesion, and procuring the end result - be it an idea, decision, or action.

This essay type is so fascinating, that some students (and tutor) look forward to composing one such piece. However, contrary to expectations, working on this essay is not an easy feat. It could be daunting in cases wherein students do not have sufficient time to develop it, or are too conscious to reveal their stories.

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Writing a reflective essay demands more requisites, as is the case for secondary and tertiary levels of education. These indispensable elements are as follows:

  • Personal experience. A fair common assumption in writing this essay is this: the writer is rich in experiences. Hence, it is necessary for students to always pick on the most relevant experience. They must also be willing to explore it and ensure that they are actively facilitating the uncovering of a discovery.

  • Descriptive language. Since the reflective piece is explicitly sourced from writers' thoughts, students are encouraged to write in detail. It's synonymous to painting, except that in this context, students are to paint in words.

  • First person pronouns. The essay is also one of the few academic pieces that permit the use of "I" or "we". These pronouns could be repetitively used to denote or refer to oneself (as the owner of the experience and author of the essay piece).

  • Use outlines. The basic essay structure, consisting of the introduction, body, and conclusion, is a reliable method of putting the essay contents in a cohesive order. As such, the basic precepts inherent in its use are applicable in reflective pieces, too.

  • Few or no references. Since the main reference in this essay is the student-writer, the use of references is usually kept at bare minimum. And even in citing a few, students must remain to adhere to referencing styles.

  • Analysis. In developing your piece, it is essential that you set a fair amount of time analysing your content - that is, experience plus some new form of output (e.g., lessons learned or realised perspective).

  • Sharing. The reflective piece, apart from being an academic essay, is a form of sharing. To share something of value, students will have to be committed in providing the necessary details. They have to be equally ready to evaluate this kind of content, too.

It is never too late to learn how to write a reflective essay. In fact, it is a very good investment; however, when time (and patience) is running short, students need not despair.

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