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Identify and discuss the issues that you feel are often associated with resistance to change in an organisational setting with which you are familiar

1. Introduction

Organisational development and Change management have been at the helm of management research for many decades. According to Brown and Harvey (2005), organisational development and change management are intertwined as the former depends upon the latter. Dent and Goldberg (1999) state that the first step in creating change is recognising the need for change and getting ready to give up the status quo. However this could be the most difficult step for many organisations (Coch and French, 1948). This brief essay analyses the most significant resistances to change of King Abdulaziz University (KAAU) located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. KAAU is the oldest and the largest university in Saudi Arabia and inculcates graduate, postgraduate and doctoral education to the students.

3. Conclusion

Change management is a necessary part for organisational development. However, organisations face significant resistances to change in different forms. For the Saudi-based University - KAAU, the major resistances to change are in the form of its inability to adopt modern values which are distinct from the cultural values of the domestic society, practice of tribalism and existence of closed groups which favour locals and discriminate against expatriate employees, highly hierarchical authority structure coupled with autocratic leadership, limited availability of high quality human resources and gap between theories and applications within the university.

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