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In today’s business environment the manager has many tools including technology for quicker communication and for more information. Analyse whether this enables the manger to make better or even perfect decisions. Explain why perfect decisions making is so difficult to achieve giving reasons for your choice. Illustrate your essay with specific examples.

The intent of this essay is to understand the role and relationship of communication in the decision making process as a manager. My concern with the 'relationship' is specific to the changes and development that have taken place in the business environment and the technological changes that have taken place. The aim is to look at the different forms of communication that are used and the reasons of 'perfect' decision making being a difficult process.

The late 1970's was the period of the 'Cultural Turn' associated with the growth of trans-national corporations. There was a significant change in the work environment and the opportunities available. It could be seen as a result of the contemporary conception of the network economy, 'A new economy …on a worldwide scale. I call it informational, global, and networked. It is informational because…fundamentally depend upon their capacity to generate process and apply efficiently knowledge - based information. It is global because the core activities of production, consumption and circulation, as well as their components (capital, labor, raw-materials, management, information, technology, markets) are organised on a global scale…' (Castells, 2000:77). It has been argued that, the world was no longer about 'nations and states' but an interconnected 'network society'. It was an 'intensive and extensive' period of Globalisation where the whole world was based around a common set of economic rules- based on competitiveness and productivity, innovation and flexibility.


The team in turn needs to realize that, 'accepting membership on a team implies acceptance of certain standards of ethical behaviour. One of the most basic of these standards is to put the good of the team ahead of personal gain. Team members should set aside private agendas in their team actions and avoid advocating positions that might benefit them personally but that would not be best for the team. Team members also have an ethical responsibility to respect the integrity and emotional needs of one another. Everyone's idea should be treated with respect and no action should be taken that result in a loss of self esteem for a member. Finally, each member has an ethical responsibility to promote the team's welfare- by contributing his or her best efforts to the team's mission and by refraining from destructive gossip, domination of meetings, and other counterproductive actions' (Ober& Quiring, 60-61:1992). Therefore I would like to conclude by saying that, it is the manager's responsibility to make decisions however, the answer to a perfect decision lies in the hands of the team. It is working as a team that makes the use of different communication tools a success.

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