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Innovative Organisations- Mechanical Engineering

1.0  Executive Summary

IME Technologies is an innovative organisation that resides within the mechanical engineering industry; it has been selected for this report due to its innovative and modern image that it portrays.  Innovation is 'the end result of creativity and a synthesis of knowledge, combined with novel and relevant new products or services' (Jolly, 2002).  Whether IME Technologies actually carries out innovative behaviour combined with whether this company has the characteristics to do so will be explored within this report.

6.0 Conclusion

Contributions to the future of the company should include gaining more partners in technological research in other European countries, not only Holland.  In addition, IME Technologies should gain more support from suppliers and manufacturers so that products can be developed and them implemented more quickly, meaning they can sell them more quickly to companies, before competitors do.  To conclude, IME Technologies is a very innovative organisation, their innovative characteristics are visible throughout the complete organisation, form the type of staff the employ being ambitious and young, to their focus on research which is highlighted by their associations with Mechanical Engineering Research Departments at key universities. 

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