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I. Executive Summary

This paper attempts to express the extent to which the proponent has comprehended the issue on innovative organizations. To clearly evaluate a company's level of innovativeness, a person needs to be adept in recognizing the different features that should be present in any innovative company.

Through this project, the proponent has recognized that the subject company, i.e., Apple, is a very innovative organization, tested using the nine elements of an innovative organisation. The Apple iPhone is one of the organization's innovations that the proponent considers to be a major advancement in terms of global communication technology.

The preceding discussions have shown how Apple's innovative genius has allowed them to regain substantial ground in the electronics industry. While other companies settled for mobile phone and PDA features, Apple went the extra mile and combined the features of both a PDA and an entertainment console. The iphone has definitely hit the world with a bang. Certainly, other companies can now only try to copy what Apple has created thru their own version of the Iphone. With the way things are going, Apple is likely to take their creation to greater heights and prove to everybody that they are definitely a force to reckon with in terms of innovation.

While Apple has perhaps been the trailblazer in innovative products, the proponent believes that his extensive exposure both as a regular phone user and a corporate person will enable him to help Apple find ways to better their iphone.

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