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I. Executive Summary

This report tries to convey how much the proponent has understood on the issue regarding innovative organizations. In order to objectively evaluate an organization's level of innovativeness, one must be familiar with the various characteristics that should be present in any innovative organization.

In this review, the proponent realized that the subject company, i.e., Shell, was indeed a very innovative organization based on the nine elements of an innovative organization. Among its innovations, the oil from sand in Canada is what I consider one of the major breakthroughs of the company for the world in addressing the global fuel shortages.

As previously discussed, the fuel shortage of the world has forced the oil industry players to search for supply to cope with the demand. In their search for additional supply, they were able access untapped territories before and one of which is the sand from oil in Canada. At present, they are planning to produce 500,000 barrels every days and this means additional fuel for the consumers (Shell, 2008). The development of this innovation has placed Shell virtually on top of the fuel race so to speak.

After being able to study the innovativeness of Shell, I realized that I can helpful to this organization by engaging in independent researchers with regards to the complete study.

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