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International Marketing

Executive Summary

The report aims to address the issues facing the firm seeking to internationalise its operations. The firm in question is Nike. The report considers the issues of market segmentation, market entry methods and also the most effective marketing mix to utilise. In addition a number of recommendations are made as to how the organisation should proceed in such a situation. Finally conclusions as to how to internationalise marketing operations are made.

Having considered all of the above it can be stated that there are a number of complex components that need to be considered if an organisation is to successfully internationalise their operations.
In Nikes case they are seeking to internationalise for the first instance in Europe as it was thought that the European market is similar in demographic terms to their domestic market as the socio-cultural distance is low. They have chosen to initially tackle the teen market, consisting of 12-17 year olds as this has age group has a large disposable income with few financial commitments.
It is recommended that they first enter this market through utilising an export strategy as this carries a minimal degree of risk. However, there is the danger that minimal risk leads to smaller financial return, for this reason it is recommended that, if the export strategy proves to be successful, Nike pursue a hierarchical entry strategy in the long term.

The marketing mix is also an essential component in successful internationalise, Nike need to balance the four P's of product, price, place and promotion. In terms of product the offering can be similar in all markets as markets, especially the teen one, are becoming increasingly global.

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