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International trade and investment – Research Proposal. Illustrate your essay with specific examples.


The proposed research study is intended to discern sources of finance for international trade and investment organisations which is an area considered to be the cornerstone of modern day business. Many organisations have widened their business horizons in search of profit maximisation and reduced costs due to lower costs abroad. However, some organisations more than others have encountered a dilemma in trying to raise finance. In today's increasingly internationally, interdependent world, sustaining an open trade environment for foreign investment is purported to be in the best interest of the UK, as well as other countries. This could be considered good news that doesn't get past the door. International Economics is currently considered by some experts to be in the realm of frontiers of research especially in period of looking recession where many financial industries are reluctant to lend finance fearing little or no return on their investment. Asian investments in the UK are currently deemed to be approximately £70 billion per year, while UK trade with Asia is reported to exceed that same amount. When the UK or any other country tightens restrictions on foreign investment in the name of national security, however, this places the countries' "manufacturing, employment, competitiveness, and innovation at risk" ("Pimer, 2001). In addition, the county employing this type limiting practice risks potentially isolates itself and alienates allies, who could prove to be assets for investments and international trade and thus restricting potential sources of finance. Changes in our world's sphere have fostered domestic markets into encompassing an international scope. More and more, manufacturers, as well as firms that provide services, and business who had not previously considered soliciting customers outside the UK regularly pose themselves into global postures. Considering the proliferation in recent years of many organisations looking to trade globally, they have simultaneously had to seek innovative ways of raising finance to accommodate their plans.

This research proposal will seek to offer answers to the following research question -


The proposed research study will seek to utilise a mixed methodology approach in attempting to solicit qualitative and quantitative data. More specifically, in depth interviews will form the basis of the qualitative method where the aim will be to accumulate empirical research which is to be derived from two British organisations who in recent years have expanded globally and sought innovative sources of finance to accommodate their desires. The quantitative portion of the methodology will consist of a case study analysis and examining prewritten data to initially compare with the empirical data gained from qualitative analysis and secondly to identify potential gaps in present knowledge. To date, research linked to sources of finance has been relatively sparse due to finance being a very sensitive subject which has made the topic open to interpretation. To date, no data to date has been considered as being conclusive amongst all multinational organisations therefore the proposed research study will attempt to clarify the discrepancies present in current knowledge and holistically contribute to further study in this field.

Anticipated results

The researcher contends that there will significantly various sources of finance dependent upon existing resources within the organisations to be examined and the financial links that they have all well as their current standing within their industry. The researcher is able to make this hypothesis based on currently available research on size, financial clout and recent economic predicaments which have caused lending institutions to be more vigilant. In addition, internal lending is bound by long term ramifications.

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