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Investigation into the eight Bandido motorcycle gang members found killed in Canada’s biggest ever mass murder in Shedden

The story I have chosen is the ongoing investigation into the eight Bandido motorcycle gang members found killed in Canada's biggest ever mass murder in Shedden, Ontario in April 2006.  Police in the investigation have recently applied for further search warrants for the home of the chief suspect, motorcycle gang member Wayne Kellestine.   Kellestine is one of six suspects who have been charged with the murders, commonly believed to be a gangland hit which was the result of a feud or leadership struggle between criminal Motorcycle gang members.  During this essay we hope to demonstrate the significance of the story as not only the biggest mass murder in Canadian history, but as an event that draws attention to the fact that Canada, a Country famous for its high standard of living and has a historically low crime rate, is now fast becoming one of the centres of the World for International organised crime.  In the first part of our essay we will go into further detail regarding the story and examine some of the Canadian and International responses to the ongoing investigation.  In Chapter Two we will examine the story in the cultural and historical context of Canada, an advanced social welfare State which has historically prided itself on avoiding many of the serious social and economic problems in the USA caused as a result of organised crime and other social issues.



I believe that we have demonstrated that the story regarding the murder of the eight Bandido gang members and the subsequent trial is extremely relevant in highlighting major developments in Canadian Social and Cultural life.  The rise of Outlaw Biker groups and the related rise of Organized crime groups have had serious consequences for Canadian Society.  The rise in violent crime and other social problems related to Criminal activities has damaged Canada's image as a peaceful, stable, law abiding nation and have put pressure on the Country's immigration policy, liberal criminal code and law enforcement institutions.  Canada has always presented itself to the World as a welcoming, cosmopolitan civilized Society, a nation that combines a high standard of living with a generous welfare system that provides for all its citizens, a welcoming Country where all can feel safe and comfortable.  Unfortunately global organized crime groups as well as wealthy professionals have taken Canada up on its offer of hospitality, taking advantage of its wealth and liberal policies. In short the story demonstrates that Organized Crime groups are a threat not only to Canada's security, but to her entire way of life.

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