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Is Using Essay Writer Cheating?

Buying a model Essay or Dissertation from Essay Writer is not cheating.

In the course of your academic study, it is inevitable for students to get the occasional stumbling block that may cause you to submit a poorly written work due to lack of time and resources, or miss a deadline altogether because of illness or unavoidable personal commitments.

You may also be in the following situations:

You are unable to find references that directly talk about your topic.
You need to expand your research by using credible and reliable reference materials.
You need a guide on the proper way to make an outline or cite references.
You do not speak English as your primary language.
You need someone to proofread your work to make sure it is up to standard.


Just as it is not cheating to consult a textbook, journal or revision / study aid, so it is also not cheating to order a model essay, assignment, coursework or dissertation from us. As long as you use the work we have delivered following our guidelines and do not try to pass off the entire work as your own, you should not be guilty of cheating or plagiarism.

Will my University find out that I have used your services?

Protecting your privacy is one of our main priorities so you can be assured of the following:

We abide by the 1998 Data Protection Act, which means we cannot divulge your personal details unless otherwise required by law.
We will never share your order details or personal information to academic institutions or Internet advertisers.
Your essay is never published, resold or made available to a third party, EVER.
We impose a strict protocol of handling your personal information amongst our staff to protect your privacy.
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