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Italian Translation : Medical Field


With the rise in world trade and the advent of such novel, globalized services as business process outsourcing and the offshore, translation, as a line of work, is gaining much significance in our present times. For added value, translation services are giving more and more importance to specialization. Hence, the demand for professional translators in various specialist fields is also rising fast. This piece of research work will focus mainly on English - Italian translation related to the medical field, and will attempt to analyse the implications of undergoing studies in the same field, as well as relevant resources and facilities required and available - such as medical glossaries, software, internet-based tools, medical dictionaries, and medical translation forums.

Moreover, a number of medical translation tools and resources narrow down their specialties even further, such as Dorland's Cardiology Speller (1992) and Dorland's Neurology Word Book for Medical Transcriptionists (2000). Such specific versions of the Dorland's medical dictionaries have been published for a variety medical fields and areas, including alternative medicine, dentistry, pediatrics, dentistry, psychiatry, dermatology, pathology, gastroenterology, medical equipment, immunology, endocrinology, gynecology, cardiology, orthopedics, plastic surgery, neurology, radiology and oncology.

Resources are also available for quality assurance in medical translation. For example, some companies may solicit the services of third-party companies to address medical translation validation. Such companies also exist, some of which offer accuracy-testing measures. Other companies offer the service of distributing patient questionnaires to specific samples of international populations to evaluate the nuance of cultural sensitivity. Other services may include Back Translation - that is the text is translated into the market language and then back to the original language. The two versions are then compared to verify that the translations match.

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