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Leadership and Management

Introduction to Company

Blue Hills Services Ltd. is a medium sized Agricultural Supplies/Retail company, experiencing a considerable downturn in business due to increased competition from cheaper imported products coupled with significant redundancies of 2 other major employers which will impact directly on their retail side of business.

The role of a leader in the workplace is to get things done through the employees. To do this effectively the manger should be able to motivate employees. Low employee morale within the company is due to the top-down management style and lack of appropriate internal communication. Blue Hills Services ltd needs to have a flatter organisational structure. This means, that there is a need to build consensus on many issues, and there is a lot of stress on teamwork. In these circumstances, leaders need to spend a lot of time listening to their subordinates, and sometimes to act more as facilitators rather than leaders.

True leadership relies on co-operation and feedback. To be a leader you must cultivate the foundations of co-operation, the leader should make themselves available to subordinates. Today many managers build barriers for upward communication; this makes it difficult for lower level employees to communicate with management.  Some leaders foster a corporate culture, where asking for help is considered a weakness or failure in the part of subordinate, eventually leading to staff covering up their errors and invariably it is the organisation that suffers. Thus it is the responsible of the leader to show concern for the efforts and challenges faced by the team members and to create an environment where problems are recognised and analysed followed with an action to solve the problem. This not only helps the company to function smoothly it will motivate the employees to bring all the problems to managers and when their problems are solved it will result in the employees getting motivated. This will in turn increase the productivity of the organisation.

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