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Literature Search Task & Analysis of a sample of qualitative data. Illustrate your essay with specific examples.

Even a cursory glance at the wider literature shows that Public Health and Health Promotion is a vast field with many specialisms.  Indeed, the field is so large that a search requires a strong focus within a specific subject or sub-field.

In this case the decision was made to focus on smoking cessation.  Smoking cessation and health has received large amounts of attention over the last few decades and thus there is likely to be an extensive literature on the topic.

There are concerns about which studies to consider with regard to rigour and standards.  There is a strong argument for only considering RCT studies.  But what if there is a good study with meaningful and insightful findings that has not made use of RCTs?  These needs to be considered carefully before the review begins and the decision made at a very early stage.  This consideration is reflected in the use of the community practice database.

It was clear from this study that web-based studies sources quickly become unavailable resulting in key studies being 'lost'.  Out of interest, a Google Scholar search was conducted on 'smoking cessation + RCT' and 'tobacco addiction + RCT'.  They resulted in 'about 1,550' and 'abut 334' hits respectively.

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