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Many environmentalists and politicians believe that global warming should be the most important political issue of our times. Write your response to this belief, with reference to other important issues facing the world today. Illustrate your essay with specific examples.

Global warming generates changes in the climate which will affect and have multiple implications both to the natural environments and human livelihoods. Policymakers need objective sources of information about the causes of climate change, its potential environmental, social and economic consequences and the adaptation and mitigation options to respond to it.

Global warming - the greenhouse gas effect

In the case of the UK, the issue of taking actions towards addressing climate change has been thoroughly studied. The outcome of that analysis was the Stern Report, which evaluated the economic impacts of precautionary measures and mentioned that, although there are no absolute predictions on the consequence of climate change, there is sufficient knowledge base to understand the risks of possible consequences. It stated that mitigation should be seen as an investment to prevent those risks, rather than costs. The reviews conclude that the benefits of strong, early action considerably outweigh the costs.

Global warming is a "cross-cutting issue" which affects the environment, societies and economies. To conclude, global warming has the potential to generate disruptive changes in human lifestyles in the centuries to come. Thus, it should be considered the biggest challenge for humanity of our times. Actions to reduce the risks and adapt to the changes are being taken globally but more efforts are required. Measures promoted by international, multi-government organisations will allow the global society to take concerted actions to address this pressing issue.

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