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Market Research for Dissertation

Market Research is an objective and systematic method used to identify, collect, analyse, and disseminate information in order to improve the decision making processes in marketing. The results of this type of research are used to provide solutions to problems in marketing as well as identify opportunities in the same field.

Academics pursuing a degree related to business, marketing, and advertising may be required to provide an extensive market research as a form of dissertation. These market research papers will delve into aspects that include, but are not limited to:

Market information
Market trends
Market segmentation

A market research usually involves the use of questionnaires and focus group discussions to get an idea as to what the public wants and needs. If you are tasked to perform market research, you will need to employ specialised techniques to gather information. The techniques involved in market research require a set of specialised skills and may become rather difficult to handle, especially for students who do not have a lot of experience in this field.

If you consider yourself ill-equipped to come up with a well-written market research, you may avail of our market research service. We, at Essay Writer, offer market research assistance for students who need aid in finishing up a dissertation focusing on marketing and advertising. Our market research services include:

Customer Analysis
Competitor Analysis
Risk Analysis
Choice Modelling

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