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Mentoring and Coaching and Strategic Development in Education. Illustrate your essay with specific examples.

The current climate of reform which is fundamentally reshaping the national educational system is generating a need for new systems of management.

The changes are driven by a raft of governmental legislation and directives aimed at addressing social issues such as low standards of literacy and numeracy amongst school leavers, Frean (2006), social disengagement of young people, DfES (2006a), child protection, DfES (2004), racism, and community deterioration. 

In conclusion, a number of implications for leadership development are evident for promoting effective strategic development.  Leaders need knowledge about their students and staff, and about current legislation that impacts on the school and its teaching and learning.  They need to be conversant with learning theories and current research in education, and knowledgeable about the level of capability and capacity needed to undertake effective strategic development.  They also need understanding about people, and how to empower and motivate them to achieve goals.  They need high quality inter-personal and communication skills, the ability to analyse and take the long view, to think strategically, and be able to reflect on strategic planning and long-term objectives.

The values, attitudes, and qualities of an effective leader in strategic development, are the ability to challenge and question whilst prioritising their own strategic thinking and learning.  They also require an ability to construct mental models, and to value sustainable achievement as part of a shared long-term strategy.  They need to be able to value the future, and the skills of their staff and students in developing a vision of it.  They need to be able to maximise the potential of those around them, and develop strong personal and professional networks.

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