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Natural gas under griund storage in the UK and why we need it. Illustrate your essay with specific examples.

Executive Summary

The need to secure energy sources is of vital importance to the development of a country's economic activity. Selecting the right strategy and finding the most suitable technologies to implement those measures is essential.

In the current market and legal frameworks, the UK is heavily dependent of the supply of imported fossil fuels, in particular natural gas. As a part of the energy security strategy, the UK has focused on developing ways to guarantee that the best possible use of those supplies is made.

  1. Site selection: the adequate selection the site, based on the natural geological conditions, gas markets locations and infrastructure availability;
  2. Design: modelling the caverns construction and operation process to ensure maximum safety conditions, and following the requirements of existing legislation, such as the COMAH and British standards;
  3. Construction: using the best available engineering and mining techniques;
  4. Operation: conducting a thorough monitoring of operations to ensure that release scenarios are avoided and following the conditions established in regulations;
  5. Closure: taking precautionary measures to guarantee fluid tightness and cavern stability.

The minimum requirements pointed out in thus analysis include:

  1. Characteristics of storage
  2. Prediction of results (simulation of cavity behavior)
  3. Technology used during the injection through wells
  4. Monitoring and verification of storage
  5. Analysis of risk, mitigation and remediation
  6. Abandoning wells and strategies for leaving intact the halite rocks

All of these aspects need to be considered by policymakers to promote the use of these gas storage techniques.

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