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Negotiation and Intercultural Communication

Executive Summary

This reports aims to provide information that can result in an increased understanding of how intercultural communications makes an impact upon how, where and when negotiations should take place.  A coherent discussion takes place in reference to negotiations between a British company and an Indian Web Design company with findings which demonstrate how win win negotiations are likely to take place between these two countries.

5.0 Conclusion

The cultural style of Britain and India will greatly impact upon the negotiation; scholarly research has been conducted to attempt to lead to a better understanding of cultural differences and negotiations (Weiss, 1994 and Faure and Sjostedt, 1993).  According to a study by Salacuse (1998) the British favour general agreements and win win negotiations and therefore would strive towards this when negotiating with the Indian website company.   The research by Salacuse (1998) also found that both the British and Indian companies are likely to be risk takers when negotiating, therefore if both companies recognise this, they could use it to their advantage.  Indians have a low sensitivity to time when negotiating, according to Salacuse (1998) therefore the British company must be aware that the negotiation may go on for longer than they would like it to and should therefore prepare for this.

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