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Organization Theory for the Management of Construction Projects


Construction projects, be it vertical like buildings or horizontal like roads, are very much technical in scope requiring intricate details and complex processes.  They are likewise relatively large in scale commanding mobilization of various organizational resources such as physical, financial, and human.  Commitment of such resources must be sustained throughout the life of the projects.  Construction projects employ technologies that add to the technical complexity and cost of the projects.  More importantly, these projects need involvement of people from various technical backgrounds such as architecture, engineering, steelworks and woodworks, and interior design.  Much coordination is expected from these people of varying technical expertise to work together and get the job done.  Construction projects are necessarily high-risk investments what with the steadily increasing costs of construction supplies and materials, not to mention leasing of essential machines and equipment.  Sizeable budgets are set aside to complete such projects.  Construction projects take considerable time to finish because of the sheer magnitude of work that must be carried out.  Work schedule is most of the time protracted.  Strict adherence to it is imperative.  Finally, safety is first and foremost in construction projects.  Human lives are never compromised.  Given all these attributes, construction projects are necessarily complex requiring a step-by-step procedure and managerial competence.


Construction projects are like "mini" organizations that require managing.  They mirror what goes on inside organizations.  As such, managing construction projects doesn't differ much from the way organizations in general are managed.  Organizations make use of organization theory.  It follows that organization theory is likewise applicable to managing construction projects.  Construction projects are microcosms of organizations where the importance of organization theory is very much central to the success of such projects.

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