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People Place and Space

Space and place are inherent parts of our overall existence in the environment. The spaces and places which make up our environment should be in align with the nature and people's values, feelings, beliefs, and perceptions about locations, districts, and regions. It is human nature to search for a relation with other people as well as the physical environment. Hence, the space and place are deemed to be constructed or organised in such a way as to compliment the human existence.

Space can be defined as a divergent, physical and imminently authentic or observable entity (Holt-Jensen, 1999). Space can be compared to a 'neutral container', which is open with loose ends and links and is to be occupied by human motion. It forms the milieu to human behavior (Willis, 2007). Basically space refers to the structural and geometrical traits of a physical environment whereas place characterize the various aspects and dimensions of lived experience, interaction and use of a space by its residents (Robertson, 2002). According to Dourish, a space is transformed into place when social actions and events makes up its background and settings, which are not limited to only material aspects, but also include social, cultural and historical values (Dourish, 2001). In other words, space is converted into places through the settings of various structural elements and features and it is in these places do the social relations and identity are constituted. In short, manifold of interconnected social, political and economic ties make up a place (Willis, 2007).

sanctity of public spaces being intact is evident and the fact that people tend to sit where there are places to sit, is employed in the development of the centers. People comes to the center to enjoy many activities all in the same space between divided into various places provides them chances of social interaction. Another interesting feature of the Arcadian Center is the variety of architectural and design elements. The existence of relatively homogenous and standardized architecture often diminishes the local specificity and variety of places. The different designing of restaurants, clubs, shopping area, etc., provides diversity and refreshment to the eyes of the visitors alluring them to revisit the place without getting bored or too familiarized.

To sum up, the example of Arcadian Center illustrates how inhibition and structural characteristic of space correlate creating place. The space is bounded by boundaries in a manner to create an open yet comfortable, artistic yet practical, relatable and social place with interact with the people as well as enable them to interact with each other.

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