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Accounting and Finance Personal Statement

An Accounting and Finance personal statement is an important part of the university application process. It will be used to assess the skills, knowledge and potential of an applicant so a university will know whether the student is a good fit for their institution. Some universities and colleges require answers to specific questions, while others may only ask for general information, giving the applicant flexibility in writing the personal statement.

A successful Accounting and Finance personal statement should make your application stand out by highlighting your winning personal qualities. Since you are applying for a degree in Accounting and Finance, you must write what interests you in this field and what motivated you to pursue it.

Below are some tips for writing your Accounting and Finance personal statement:


  • Write truthfully. Neglecting to do this is a common reason why students are denied their application. Do not attempt to cover up a failure nor embellish your achievements just so you can impress the admissions committee. Remember that admissions tutors are experts at their job. They are trained to spot inconsistencies in your application papers and interview.
  • Be direct to the point. Write in clear, concise statements. Write in a natural tone and style that would make the job easier for someone who reads through hundreds, even thousands of applications each year. Writing in a style that is too formal runs the risk of making the essay too lengthy without accomplishing much.
  • Talk about your achievements and interests that show you to be adaptable, flexible and intelligent. Both accounting and finance personnel play a major role in a business or organisation, so a student taking this course must have the aforementioned attributes or show potential for developing them.
  • Thoroughly check the grammar, spelling and consistency of ideas. Good writing skills is required of a university student no matter what course you are applying for, and a personal statement is one gauge of a student's writing abilities.


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