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Ph.D. Level

A Doctor of Philosophy Degree (Ph.D.) is one of the highest levels of achievement you can acquire in the academic field. Not everyone has the privilege to be able to complete a Ph.D. since it entails several preliminary requisites before you can proceed to this level. However, attaining a Ph.D. includes a lot of coursework, internships and independent research work-and they all require a lot of your time and a higher level of mental faculty

Your Ph.D. is the highest achievement of your graduate education and it will highly influence the direction of your future career. Completing your Ph.D. research, then, should be taken seriously since it will take years to write and refine to have it approved and published.

Basically, you have to address the following when making a Ph.D. study:

formulate an original Ph.D. topic relevant enough to be considered for further study
write a Ph.D. proposal with a good overview of the topic to make it more convincing
create an effective research design methodology that clearly defines scope of the research
search for valid sources and conduct preliminary excursions into various related issues
structuring your research work to make it independent and professional


This makes your research more challenging and frustrating at times, especially if you have to overcome additional obstacles throughout the research process. One of which is the development of necessary skills for selecting a good research project, and this takes time to acquire and develop. While some of you assume that you will learn these skills by being forced to choose any project, this can only be possible if you have already mastered such skills.

That is why you need assistance from professionals to help you steer your research to the direction you aim. The more assistance you will have in guiding you to the right process, the easier it should be for you to avoid committing mistakes. We recognise the importance of this aspect and that is why we have come up with this service.

At Essay Writer, we guarantee that only qualified specialists will take care of you. We understand the effort you have rendered in order to complete your Ph.D. so we make sure that you get the quality of service that you deserve by handing over your orders to professionals you can surely trust.

Our experts, who are knowledgeable in the research field, have the following advantages:

they have a better overview of the subject field you wish to study
they know where the reliable sources are found
they can assess if the dissertation is doable within the allotted time frame
they can restrict the scope of your topic as far as you can
they can easily work within a paradigm that you specify
they know how a study can be original and can demonstrate your skill in
      research and argument


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