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Primary/Secondary Data Analysis

Data analysis is a process involving the gathering and transforming of data into useful information wherein one can derive findings and suggest conclusions to support or prove a thesis. The analysis and interpretation of data plays a large part in any dissertation or research paper. One can- only complete a dissertation with-the proper analysis and interpretation of the collected data.

There are several techniques that may be used in the analysis of data. Some of the more common methods used are:

Recursive Abstraction
Statistical Analysis
Content Analysis using Mechanical Techniques

If you have collected data but have no idea how to properly analyse and interpret the information you have on hand, you can avail of our data analysis service. Just provide us with the data you have gathered and we will do the analysis for you. EssayWriter provides:

Analysis of Primary Data
Analysis of Secondary Data


We at EssayWriter ensure that our analysis is appropriate for your dissertation methodology. All you need to do is send us the information and we will provide you with the analysis so you can formulate your findings and come up with a conclusion for your dissertation.

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