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Project Methodology. Illustrate your essay with specific examples.


This project researches the design and usability of information retrieval for students and staff at a University Business School for its induction week. This report in particular focuses on the various (prototyping) methodologies that can be used within this project, including a recommendation for the most valid method.

Each methodology will be presented with respective advantages and disadvantages, outlining why it is recommended for this project. Although all the methodologies are established and warranted, references to the project dimensions will assist in reiterating suitability.


The methodologies discussed in this analysis have been carefully considered with appreciation of the desired end result. This includes awareness of time and (potential) budget constraints, to which extent SSADM has not been chosen as a selected method. Elements of the chosen methodologies have been applied to the project.

UML provides a sound methodology for system development for the web driven database system in conjunction with RAD, ERM and SSM. UML models the requirements of the software application prior to coding, RAD produces a prototype showing usability and functionality, ERM is an (inherent) element from SSADM focusing on the relationship between entities and SSM provides the methodology for the analysis focusing on human interaction.

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